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Le Boreal
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Ship Name: 
Le Boreal
Sailing Date(s): 
September 13, 2017
Ports of Call: 
Departs From Nome, Alaska visiting Savoonga, Alaska >> St. Matthew Island, Alaska >> Saint George Island, Pribilof Islands, Alaska >> Dutch Harbor, Alaska >> Cruise Aleutian Islands, Alaska >> Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska >> Cruise Gulf Of Alaska >> Cruise North Pacific >> Sitka, Alaska >> Cruise Frederick Sound >> Prince Rupert, British Columbia >> Cruise Inside Passage, British Columbia >> Alert Bay, British Columbia >> Vancouver (Canada Place), British Columbia
Prices From: 
Not Offered
$655 Per Night!
$705 Per Night!
$1,228 Per Night!

1 Cruise Found
Showing 1-1 of 1 On This Page

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