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  MY A B C's of Cruising  
  A is for ALL the cruise ADVICE I can give you.
B is for the BEST vacation your hard earned BUCKS can BUY.
C is for the CRUISE that you will CHOOSE after you see our deals.
D is for the DISCOUNTS and the upgrades that are advantageous.
E is for the ENTERTAINMENT , shows.discos.gaming.
F is for the FOOD the chefs will FIX to FEED your FAMILY             FIVE   times a day.
G is for the GOLF you're GONNA play once you GO.
H is for the HAPPY, HEALTHY HOLIDAY I hope you HAVE.
I is for your INDEPENDENT cruise specialist.
J is for  JACUZZIS which are on most ships.
K is for the KITCHEN that will cook your KIND of food.
L is for LOUNGES that the top designers LOVINGLY created.
M is for the MANY ships with MULTI-MILLION dollar art  exhibits.
N is for the NAVIGATION skills that take you to new destinations.
O is for the OCEAN view in many OUTSIDE staterooms.
P is for PIANO Bars and PIZZA PARLORS.
Q is for the QUIET little nooks.
R is your REFLECTION that looks RADIANT in each mirror.
S is for the SPA and for the SPORTS.
T is for the THEATER THAT nightly stages shows and movies
U is for UNDISPUTED value.
V is for the VOLUME of the new ships with VERANDAHS.
W is for the WONDROUS WAY a WINTER cruise benefits you.
X is X-tra savings, X-tra value and X-citement that awaits you.
Y is for YES YES, book now.
ZOOM to your CruiseOne Independant Specialist  "Dianne"   
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